Body Sculpting

*Results vary for each individual.

The  THERMI250™ is the safest and most studied RF system in aesthetic medicine.  This innovative, highly effective treatment works where regular exercise and diet have failed and requires no downtime. The THERMIsmooth™ Body platform is designed with a unique feature set which enables maximum versatility for targeting volume (fat), cellulite reduction, and skin tightening from eyes to thighs! You can now say goodbye to those trouble spots and hello to smooth skin! Results can vary depending upon your overall health, dietary habits and level of activity or exercise. A series of 5 treatments is recommended for optimal results.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

THERMIsmooth™ body contouring is suitable for both men and women of all ages. The most common areas treated are arms, stomach, back, buttocks, thighs and legs for weight loss and face and neck for skin tightening. You may return to your normal daily activities immediately following your treatment. 

If you have an implanted device such as a cochlear ear implant, pacemaker or defibrillator radio frequency (RF) treatments are not recommended.

How Does THERMIsmooth™ Differ From Other Fat Treatments?

While many non-invasive fat removal treatments currently exist,THERMIsmooth™with the THERMI RF™ system is the only one whose temperature can be adjusted and maintained within the therapeutic range of 42°C - 45°C. As the skin's temperature rises to the targeted temperature, the THERMI RF™ computer automatically adjusts the energy output to ensure precision of heating without overheating the tissues. This makes it a very safe and comfortable treatment that is often described as feeling like a hot rock massage.

*Results vary for each individual.

We are very excited to announce the opening of...

Turn Back Time Wellness Clinic

offering the very latest cutting edge radio frequency (RF) technology available on the market today in cellulite reduction, fat loss and skin tightening!

Although you will see immediate effects following your initial treatment, it does require a series of treatments for sculpting of those troublesome areas


We are currently offering our clients packages of 5 treatments for $1,500.00 per area.

Contact us today for a FREE personalized consultation with a specialist to determine precisely what this cutting edge treatment can do for you!

A More Structured Weight Loss Program

We are thrilled to be offering our patient's the most comprehensive plan available in the market today! We are coupling our new technology with proven LED treatments following your THERMIsmooth™treatment to increase lymphatic drainage of the melted fatty tissue. In addition, we have mild exercise available to our patient's to assist in moving the melted fat through the cells.

Our nurse practitioner, Diane Bajus, MS, CNP, CNM is available for consultation for hormonal issues, which can cause the body to hold onto fat especially in the mid-section as well as offering fat burners, vitamin and mineral support.

For those patient's who have an excess of 20 pounds of weight to lose, we are  teaming up with Valley Medical Weight Loss program who has generously offered our patient's a  discount in their Physician Supervised program  that includes a nutritionist and fat burning injections. 

How Does It Work?

TheTHERMI250™ device applies controlled radio frequency that heats the fat cells in the adipose layer of the skin. The heat forces the adipocytes to secrete fatty acids into the lymph nodes and blood vessels, where it is filtered out of the body through the lymphatic system. As fatty acids are released, the adipocytes shrink and the body becomes slimmer, literally melting the fat away.

RF heats both the dermal and subcutaneous layers of skin causing smoothing of cellulite fibrous bands and increased collagen production for long-term lasting effects.

Turn Back Time Spa & Wellness Clinic.