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How soon can ThermVa™ treatments be repeated?

It is recommended that ThermiVa™ treatments should be done every 30 days for three treatments, followed by a maintenance program as needed based on results (typically one maintenance treatment yearly).

What is to be expected after the procedure?

Immediately following there may be mild cramping, but this should resolve within 24 hours. After your procedure, you may resume normal activities. There are no restrictions for physical or sexual activity.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more and see if ThermiVa™ treatments are right for you, then contact us today. We will schedule you for a FREE consultation with Diane M. Bajus, CNP, CNM. With over 30 years experience as an advanced practiced nurse and nurse midwife she will perform a complete medical evaluation to see if this revolutionary treatment can change your life! Results vary depending upon your level of laxity in skin tissue, hormonal levels and genetics you will be advised at your consultation if additional treatments are recommended. Don't delay anymore...Call today!


How Does ThermiVa™ Work?

ThermiVa™ uses proven RF technology conducted through an ergonomically designed, comfortable, S-shaped hand piece. It utilizes RF(radio frequency) energy that can be customized to different settings to meet different goals. In the case of ThermiVa™, the RF energy is directed towards optimal tightening of the vaginal tissue for both medical and cosmetic benefit.

The S-shaped hand piece is designed with female comfort in mind, in order to provide you with a painless and comfortable experience. The procedure is safe and comfortable, the only thing you’ll feel is a warm sensation. There is no pain, surgery or downtime  after a ThermiVa™ treatment, and you can resume sexual activity that very night! The recommended number of treatments is three, spaced one month apart, and you will be able to see a noticeable improvement after the first or second treatment.

Who is a Candidate?

  • ​​Women who are experiencing vaginal laxity and a loose or rubbing feeling to the labia.
  • Women who are displeased with the appearance of their labia majora, especially while wearing bathing suits, athletic attire,         leggings, jeans… etc.
  • Women who are experiencing any sexual dysfunction or orgasmic issues.
  • Women who are having difficulty retaining tampons or may have pelvic prolapse such as fallen bladder or fallen rectum.
  • Women who may suffer from urinary leakage or stress incontinence.
  • Women who may suffer from dryness of their vagina or labia due to the effects of menopause.

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Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

It's a problem that not many women like to talk about - changes in the overall appearance and condition of the vagina that can occur over time. While you may giggle, many women struggle with these issues and would like to do something about them. From the natural effects of aging to the dramatic effect of childbirth, it is no surprise that as a woman gets older, this area of her body can become one of her biggest concerns. 

Many women, especially after natural childbirth, suffer from stress incontinence, dryness, lack of sexual pleasure or painful intercourse, and uncomfortably stretched labia due to vaginal skin laxity.

In the past, the only options to correct these problems were invasive surgical procedures such as a vaginoplasty, but now a revolutionary new technology is available to help tighten lax vaginal tissue non-surgically both internally and externally. 

ThermiVa™ uses RF (radio frequency) energy to tighten both the vaginal canal and the external labial tissues, leading to a host of benefits such as increased sexual pleasure, decreased instances of stress incontinence, and more comfortably fitting underwear and pants.

*Results vary.