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In an effort to bring our patients the latest, most innovative skin solutions we are excited to announce our latest RF Microneedling treatment option delivering truly amazing results...

How Does Vivace™ Work?

Call us today to schedule your FREE personalized consultation with our licensed skin care expert to see what Vivace™ Fractional RF treatments can do for your skin! Erase years, improve skin tone and texture and restore a more youthful appearance. Results vary depending upon the level on damage on the skin. For best results a series of treatments is recommended. ​​​

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  •  Improve Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  •  Promote fullness in Hands and Face
  •  Regenerate Scarring
  •  Alleviate Active Acne
  •  Smooth Skin Tone & Texture
  •  Reduce Pore Size
  •  Diminish Stretch Marks

The Vivace™ System combines the benefits of three powerful, skin-improving treatments in one — microneedling and radio frequency with LED — for a brighter, healthier complexion.

Microneedling is treatment designed to improve and smooth the skin’s overall appearance. It works by first creating micro-wounds or channels in the skin using fine needles that then stimulate the body’s natural process to stimulate new collagen and elastin.
The outcome is improved rejuvenated skin.

The Vivace’s™ needle sets contain 36 insulated or non-insulated, gold-tipped needles that deliver a comfortable treatment at varying levels of penetration.  The needles are also used to deliver gentle thermal radio frequency underneath the first layer of the skin to promote your body’s natural healing process, creating collagen and enhanced skin laxity. Since the energy is delivered underneath the first layer of the dermis, downtime is minimal.

At the same time Red or Blue LED light is emitted into the dermal layers. Red light has been proven to stimulate ATP production and regenerate skin while Blue light will kill off active bacteria and improve active acne.

Let’s face it. We want to look our best at any age—not over-filled and over-stretched, just natural.

Welcome To...The Vivace Experience™ 

The Vivace Experience™ provides the most dramatic results with virtually no pain or downtime!

Immediate results that continue to improve over time!

As opposed to other micro-needling rollers and pens that can lead to tearing, pain and variable patient results, the Vivace’s™ 36 insulated, gold-tip needles and the robotic step motor create fast and even insertions into the skin. The chevron-pattern circuitry for the 70-watt patterned RF distributes heat evenly as it delivers skin tightening thus reducing redness, hot spots, burning and discomfort that can occur using other devices.

The Vivace™ was designed for a comfortable patient experience.  The unique robotic motor is so precise, it brings the discomfort level to a virtual zero as compared to any other device. The 36 insulated or non-insulated, gold-tipped needles are also set with a small diameter making it more comfortable. 

Vivace™ offers non-insulated needles providing flexibility in treating the entire depth of the tissues. The robotic depth settings offer 31 precise, multilevel adjustments down to a depth of 3.5 mm at .1 mm increments – more precise than any other RF micro-needling device. Depths may be adjusted from .5MM to 3.5MM in 10th of a millimeter increments. This means we can treat a broader array of skin types and tones with absolute precision. 

Lastly, a variable pulse duration of 100ms to 800ms means the length of time the needle is engaged with tissue can be better controlled.

Pre-treatment, a best-in-class numbing cream is available. Post-treatment, a soothing cooling mask is applied with skin healing agents containing HA growth factors is applied to the skin’s clean and open micro-channels. Additionally, PRP can be added both injected into the dermal tissues and applied topically during the micro-needling process to further enhance skin and soft tissues with your own blood platelets growth factors.

We schedule a minimum of two hours for face, three hours for face and neck and 4 hours for face, neck chest and hands. We take our time with each and every patient to properly document your progress with photographs, numb the tissues for a minimum of 30 minutes and allow time to properly perform the treatment with multiple passes. We don't just do one or two passes to quickly get through the treatment, depending on the area being treated we commonly do four to six passes in the problem areas such as cheeks, lips, nasolabial lines around the mouth as well as neck. Following the micro-needling we apply a calming soothing mask and place you under our LED light therapy panel under blue light to oxygenate the tissues and reduce redness. Typically our clients leave glowing in the face with minimal redness in the neck, chest and hands that dissipates within a few hours immediately following the procedure. You can not apply anything else on the skin for the remainder of the day of your treatment except for the serum that we send you home with, but there is no downtime!

What Sets Us Apart 

Vivace™ Offers Unmatched Precision and Versitility